Kt Kingtronics Tells You The Main Parameters of Dioes II

17 Dec 2015

Different types of diodes have different parameters.We must understand the following main parameters:

4. Reverse Current

Diode reverse current is at a temperature and a predetermined maximum reverse voltage is applied, current flows through the diode reverse. The smaller the reverse current, the conductive performance of the tube in one direction, the better. It is noteworthy that the reverse current and temperature are closely related, the temperature is increased by about 1 0 ℃, the reverse current increases doubled. For example 2APl type germanium diode, at 25 ℃, the reverse current of 250μA, the temperature rises to 35 ℃, reverse current will rise to 500μA, at 75 ℃, its reverse current has reached 8mA, not only lost a single direction of the conductive characteristics, the tubes will overheat and damage. Than the germanium diode silicon diode has good stability at high temperatures.

5. Reverse Recovery Time

From the forward voltage becomes a reverse voltage, ideally instantaneous cut-off current can, in fact, there are generally a little time delay. Determine the amount of current cut-off delay, that is the reverse recovery time. Although it directly affects the switching speed of the diode, but not necessarily say that this value is small enough.

6. Maximum Power

Maximum power is applied across the diode voltage multiplied by the current flowing. This limit is especially important parameter for regulator diodes.

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