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Hereby we bring some news of adjustments on the production line, some parts will be discontinued since the raw marterial is hard to be purchased in the market, anyway repeat order can be negotiated case by case, we try best to continue supply.

Discontinue QKT-HC49U Leaded Quartz Crystal 11.05x4.65x13.46mm 1.8432MHz to 200.000MHz

Other crystals & oscillators can still be supplied:

Discontinue Diode Rectifier 1N5399B, 1N5341B

Other diodes can still be supplied:

Let's expect more communication on cooperation, never hesitate to seek timely support from us.

Quartz Crystals QKT-HC49SMD with high quality and competitive price, it is the best seller product in Kt Kingtronics. QKT-HC49SMD is available in tight tolerances and stabilities for demanding applications.

High stability,Low cost
Resistance weld and low power
Wide frequency range
Good aging, Pb-free & RoHS Compliance

Below are the most hot seller Specifications of QKT-HC49SMD: 
QKT-HC49SMD 8.000MHZ 20pF +/-30ppm -20℃~+70℃ T&R RoHS
QKT-HC49SMD 11.0592MHZ 20pF +/-30ppm -20℃~+70℃ T&R RoHS
QKT-HC49SMD 12.000MHZ 20pF +/-30ppm -20℃~+70℃ T&R RoHS 
QKT-HC49SMD 25.000MHZ 20pF +/-30ppm -20℃~+70℃ T&R RoHS 
QKT-HC49SMD 27.000MHZ 20pF +/-30ppm -20℃~+70℃ T&R RoHS 

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You will enjoy our highly skilled, experienced sales representatives satisfactory. 

Crystal oscillator is an electronic oscillator circuit that uses the mechanical resonance of a vibrating crystal of piezoelectric material to create an electrical signal with a precise frequency. The most common type of piezoelectric resonator used is the quartz crystal, so oscillator circuits incorporating them became known as crystal oscillators.

Quartz crystals most are used for consumer devices, inside test and measurement equipment, such as wristwatches, clocks, radios, computers, cellphones, counters, signal generators, and oscilloscopes.

Kingtronics produce below Quartz Crystals and Oscillators, with good price and quality. Welcome check our product link and send your inquiry to us! 

Kingtronics P/N



Frequency Range


Leaded Quartz Crystal


1.8432MHz to 200.000MHz


Leaded Quartz Crystal


3.200MHz to 90.000 MHz


SMD Quartz



3.200MHz to 90.000 MHz


SMD Quartz



12.000 MHz to 54.000 MHz


SMD Oscillator


1.000MHz to 125.000 MHz


SMD Oscillator


1.000MHz to 125.000 MHz


SMD Oscillator


1.000MHz to 150.000 MHz

•Good shock measures to ensure the Quartz Crystal don’t fall to the ground during use.

• When storing crystals, anti-extrusion measures should be prepared and stored in a dry and ventilated place, avoid damp Quartz Crystal.

• When the solder, solder temperature is not too high, the role of the solder time not too long, so as not to produce an unstable change occurs within the Quartz Crystal.

• Ensure two-pin solder points are not connected, or will lead to Oscillator is stopped.

• The shear pin, should pay attention to the effects of mechanical stress.

• Solder, it should be cleaned to prevent the insulation resistance don’t meet the requirements.

Quartz Crystal Advantages:
1, Good stability, small changes;
2, Good accuracy, high precision;
3, Low power consumption, small excitation power;
4, Fixed (non-adjustable).

Quartz Crystal Structure:

Quartz Crystal also known as Quartz Crystal Oscillator. That was accomplished by means of "Piezoelectric" effect.
That is "Supply Voltage", Kingtronics common voltages are 1.8V, 3.3V, 5.0V.
The semiconductor devices and resistance capacitance element worked together, could constitute a Quartz Crystal Oscillator. 

Quartz Crystal Applications:
1, QKT-HC49U (HC-49U) suitable for electronic products with broad spaces such as communications equipment, televisions, telephones, electronic toys;
2, QKT-HC49U/S (HC-49U/S) is suitable for all kinds of space height restrictions thin and small electronic equipment and products;
3, QKT-HC49 SMD (HC-49U/S SMD) prevail surface mount products, applicable to all types of ultra-thin, small computers and electronic devices;
4, 3*8 Tuning fork Cylindrical quartz crystal resonators suitable for space-constrained timing frequency stabilization of electronic products such as timers, electronic clock, calculator, etc.

Kingtronics offers passive leaded quartz crystal HC49UHC49S, SMD quartz crystal HC49SMD
and 3225 SMD Crystals. We also produce active 32255032, 5070 SMD Oscillators.

We produce millions pieces of Quartz Crystal and SMD Oscillators monthly, the volume is keep increasing. Free samples for testing.
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In January 2015, in order to meet customers demands, we prepared new Quartz Crystals and Oscillators samples to SGS lab.
After two weeks, we get the updated new RoHS 2.0 Test Report .

Below is the full list of our Kingtronics RoHS report, please have a quick view.

Active Electronics Components
1. UL certification for bridge rectifiers
2. RoHS 2.0 for diode rectifier, and specially Reach 2.0 for diode M7 ( also called SMD 1N4007)

Passive Electronics Components
1, CKT---Chip Tantalum Capacitors RoHS 2.0 certificated
2, TKT---Dipped Tantalum Capacitors RoHS 2.0 certificated
3, QKT--- Quartz Crystals and Oscillators RoHS 2.0 certification 

4, MKTAKT --- Monolithic ceramic capacitors/Axial Monolithic Ceramic capacitors/ Axial Color Ring Capacitors/ SMD Multilayer Ceramic capacitors/ Ceramic Capacitors

Above products are tested not including 155 substances of very high concern(SVHC) under Regulation(EC) No 1907/2006 of Reach.

Kingtronics products are all with RoHS certifications. Please feel free to contact with us and test our samples.

Hertz (Hz)
The basic unit of measurement of frequency. It is a measurement used to denote one complete occurrence of an event in one second.
The frequency of a crystal is measured in megahertz (MHz) or kilohertz (kHz). In Kingtronics we usually usd KHz.

Measured in Hertz (Hz), it is a periodic repetition of an event within a unit of time. 
In an electrical circuit, it is the number of times a resonator plate oscillates or vibrates in one second. The most common herts for Kingtroncis QKT is 32.768KHz

Frequency Tolerance
Often called Calibration Accuracy, it is the amount of frequency deviation from the specified nominal frequency at room temperature (25°C). 

This term is expressed as a minimum and maximum percent (%) or parts per million (ppm). Kingtronics can provide -20~+70, -40~+85, -10~+60

Load Capacitance
A capacitance, specified in picofarads (pF), presented to the crystal. 

The parallel load resonant frequency (FL) is a function of the load capacitance.

For more details, please refer to below link, thank you.

Usually we know crystals are referring to Quartz Crystal Resonator and Crystal Oscillator , so what is the basic difference of these two types of crystals?
Today, we would like to distinguish them from their structure. Please follow us with below blog.

Active Crystal Oscillator : Metal Lid, Quartz Blank, Coated Electrode, IC, Ceramic Base, Solder Pads.
Passive Quartz Crystal Resonator : Metal Lid, Quartz Blank, Coated Electrode, Ceramic Base, Solder Pads.

So do you find the difference ? The main point is that Crystal Oscillator is with an IC part . We are sure that you will have a better idea after you read below picture.

When you order Crystal Oscillator, you have to at least keep 5 essential aspects.
Package Type,  Frequency, Suply Voltage, Frequency Tolerance,Operating Temperature

Examples : 
QKT-OSC3225, 32.768KHz,  1.8V, +/-10ppm, -10~+60
QKT-OSC5032, 32.768KHz,  3.3V, +/-20ppm, -20~+70
QKT-OSC7050, 32.768KHz,  5.0V, +/-20ppm, -40~+85

Free samples are available and welcome your enquiry and test our samples.

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