Surge arresters are used to protect electronic appliances and machineries from damages caused due to sudden voltage surges. 

Because of the changing lifestyle of the working population and the increasing disposable income, automated electronic products are used more and more widely. For protecting these devices from voltage fluctuations, the demand of surge arresters becomes large. Furthermore, the growing awareness for need of renewable energy sources is also acting as a driver for the market. Using renewable sources of energy such as sun, water and wind, this factor is creating the need for surge arresters in order to protect the heavy machineries from damages caused due to voltage overflow and fluctuations. 

Kingtronics sell 2-Electrode arresters and 3-Electrode arresters. Surge arresters operate on the gas-physical principle of the highly effective arc discharge. Electrically, surge arresters act as voltage-dependent switches.
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Surge arresters are classical components for protecting the installations of the telecommunications. It is essential that IT and telecommunications systems -with their high-grade but sensitive electronic circuits – be protected by arresters. They are thus fitted at the input of the power supply system together with varistors and at the connection points to telecommunication lines. They have become equally indispensable for protecting base stations in mobile telephone systems as well as extensive cable television (CATV) networks with their repeaters and distribution systems.

These protective components are also indispensable in other sectors:
● In AC power transmission systems, they are often used with current-limiting varistors
● In customer premises equipment such as DSL modems,WLAN routers, TV sets and cable modems
● In air-conditioning equipment
The integral black-box concept offers graduated protection by combining arresters with varistors, PTC thermistors, diodes and inductors to create an ideal solution for many applications.

Surge Arresters Key characteristics:
● DC spark-over voltage : 70 to 6000 V
● Impulse discharge current (8/20 μs) : max. 100 kA
● Impulse discharge current (10/350 μs) : max. 100 kA
● Alternating discharge current (1 s) : max. 20 A
● Alternating discharge current (0.2 s) : max. 300 A
● Arc voltage: 10 to 35 V
● Insulation resistance: min. 1 GΩ
● Capacitance: min. 0.2 pF

Kingtronics sell 2-Electrode arresters and 3-Electrode arresters. Surge arresters are designed to protect electrical equipment from damaging effects of spikes and transients caused by lightning, utility switching, isolation arcing, electrical motor cycling, or any other sudden change in electrical power flow on incoming AC power lines.

Surge arresters operate on the gas-physical principle of the highly effective arc discharge. Electrically, surge arresters act as voltage-dependent switches. As soon as the voltage applied to the arrester exceeds the spark-over voltage, an arc is formed in the hermetically sealed discharge region within nanoseconds. The high surge current handling capability and the arc voltage, which is almost independent of the current, short-circuit the overvoltage. When the discharge has died down, the arrester extinguishes and the internal resistance immediately returns to values of several 100 MΩ.

The surge arrester thus meets almost perfectly all requirements made on a protective element. It reliably limits the overvoltage to permissible values, and under normal operating conditions the high insulation resistance and the low capacitance contribute to the fact that an arrester has virtually no impact on the system to be protected.

Kingtronics sell 2-Electrode arresters and 3-Electrode arresters, as well as SMD Surge Arresters.
Gas Discharge Tubes for Overvoltage Protection

Surge Arresters Applications
*  Automotive
– On-board chargers in electric and hybrid vehicles
– EV charging stations
*  Consumer
– Air-conditioning
– Power supplies
– Printers and telefax
*  Industrial
– LED street lighting
– Photovoltaics
– RF antenna circuits

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Kingtronics surge arrester divides into two kinds: 2-Electrode arresters and 3-Electrode arresters.

What is surge arrester? It is a product installed near the end of any conductor which is long enough before the conductor lands on its intended electrical component. The purpose is to divert damaging lightning-induced transients safely to ground through property changes to its varistor in parallel arrangement to the conductor inside the unit.

Surge arrester is also called a surge protection device (SPD) or transient voltage surge suppressor (TVSS). They are only designed to protect against electrical transients resulting from the lightning flash, not a direct lightning termination to the conductors.

SKT--surge arrester

SKT-2R-230A6L Bulk RoHS
SKT-3R-230AL Bulk RoHS

Application: distribution system, protector, power station equipment, satellite receiver, server, communication system...

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It can be used in many aspects such as substation equipment, ACDC converters, rolling stock and power distribution units.
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SKT--surge arrester
SKT-2R-230A6L Bulk RoHS
SKT-3R-230AL Bulk RoHS

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Telecommunications installations as well as CATV amplifiers, CB transmitters, home entertainment systems, computers and similar equipment can be exposed to voltage surges conducted via the power network. The combination of a surge arrester and a varistor offers proven protection in these cases. The phase and neutral conductors are connected to ground potential of both protection elements.

Surge arresters are an essential aid to insulation coordination in electrical power supply systems. Valuable equipment can be protected against lightning- and switching overvoltages.

If basic rules are kept, modern Metal oxide surge arresters offer complete protection against overvoltages.

Costs of surge arresters in electrical power supply systems are less than 1% of the worth of the equipment they protect.

High availability and low costs of surge arresters facilitate new applications like surge arresters for transmission lines. As a result surge arresters convince with a quality improvement of electrical power supply systems.

The surge arrester is shown in Figure 7. It is built-up of 6 separate mechanical and electrical modules connected in series. The design of each module includes an HTV silicone rubber insulator moulded directly onto the internal structure with the  ZnO block column. The internal cage-style mechanical structure provides high mechanical strength and well controlled short-circuit capability in the event of arrester overloading.

The special location of the  arrester in the tower has required extensive 3D electrical field calculations to determine necessary grading rings to control the voltage distribution along the  arrester. The mass of the  arrester including the grading rings is 128 kg or approximately one third of the mass of an equivalent  arrester with porcelain housing. The creep age distance of 27 mm/kV corresponds to IEC class III.

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