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Electronic component

Passive component

RKT-Trimming potentiometer: 3296, 3386, 3006, 3266, 3329, 3540, 3590, C3305

MKT-Radial multilayer ceramic capacitor: 0.5pF~22uF, 50V~100V, NPO, X7R, Y5V

TKT-Dipped tantalum capacitor: 0.1~330uF, 6.3V~50V, -55℃~+125℃

Active component

Diode rectifier: M7, 1N4007, GS1M, BZV55C, LL4148, 1N4937, S3M...

Bridge rectifier: MB10S, DB107S, KBPC2510, KBL410, KBU8M...

Transistor: BC807-16/25/40, BC817-16/25/40, BC846A/B/C~BC850A/B/C...


Diodes: M7, LL4148, SM4007, BZV55C, BZX55C, 6A10...

Bridge rectifiers: MB2S~10S, DB101S~107S, GBU series, KBPC2510W, KBL410...

MKT-Radial multialyer ceramic capacitor(MLCC) ; TKT-Dipped tantalum capacitor

QKT--Quartz Crystal HC49S, HC49U, HC49SMD

RKT--Trimming potentiometer 3296, 3006, 3386, 3329, 3323, 3362, 3590, 3540...

SKT--Surge Arrester: 2-Electrode arresters & 3-Electrode arresters

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 Warm tips: During Spring Festival we still work as usual, welcome to send us inquiries:)

Kingtronics bestsellers: Radial tantalum&ceramic capacitor, Trimming potentiometer, Diode&Bridge rectifier, Transistor
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During the New Year's Day in year 2014, Kingtronics International Company visited our sisters and brothers in Guangxi Province.
This time, we brought them a lot of stationery and daily necessities. All of them like it very much.
We are excited to see they are become stronger and taller. More importantly, they realize how precious it is to have an grateful heart.
They show us what they have learned and what improvement they have made in the last year. We are pleased with it.
Here we appeal more and more kind-hearted person to join our team and devote yourself in charity activity.
Now matter where and who you are, if you want to help them, please contact with Kingtronics marketing department.
We have gald to forward your love to them.
More related information, we can visit below link for quick review.

It's our honor to announce Graftec Electronics as our Distributor for Brazil. This week, we signed a Distributor Agreement which authorizes Graftec Electronics to market, sell, distribute and provide technical support for Kingtronics products throughout Brazil. With Graftec’s long history, technical support, and excellent customer relations in Brazil, we're expecting to see positive growth in the region. We are optimistic that we will have success and a long-lasting friendship with Graftec Electronics.

Founded in 1980, Graftec Electronics is a multi-national company serving Electronic Original Equipment Manufacturers and Electronic Manufacturing Services in more than 10 countries.

For sales and technical support, please contact:

Graftec Electronics do Brasil
Av. Carlos Gomes, 222 - 8º 
Porto Alegre, RS Brasil - 90480
Telephone: + 55 51 3378-1080 
Mr. Vincent Graffeo

 Dear customers and friends,

Christmas is coming soon. Wish you and your families enjoy a delightful and joyful holiday. May the peace, wealth and health be with you all through the Year 2014!
Kingtronics is increasingly growing since its establishment in 1990 due to your kind support and encouragement. At this moment, let's review the past and look forward to the future. Hope all of us will embrace a brand-new Year 2014!
Kt Annual Top Seller:
Diode, Bridge rectifier, Transistor, Capacitor & Trimming potentiometer available on link:


Good day dear!

ISO factory Kingtronics year-end favourable activity start right now, you can get price directly from factory!

Do you have any order forecast in 2014? or do you have any order request at the end of this year? pls tell us, let us help you.

--- ISO 9001: 2008 manufacturer since 1990 with 2 factories,  ISO & UL & SGS certified

Kingtronics Production Line

RKT-Trimming potentiometer: 3296 3006 3386 3266 3362 3329  3590S SMD C3305 

TKT--Dipped tantalum capacitor 
MKT--Radial Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor 
Diode & Bridge Rectifier: Diode M7, LL4148, S1M, GS1M, SM4007, UF4007, 1A7, 6A10, 1N4937, 1N5343B & 
Zener BZV55C, BZX55C, BZX84C, BZX85C, 1N4761A, ZM4728; 
Bridge DB107, MB10S, KBL410,  KBPC2510,  KBPC3510,  GBU410, GBJ810....etc..
Transistor: BC807, BC817, BC846, BC847, BC848, BC849, BC850, BC856, BC857, BC858, BC859, MMBT3904...
Kingtronics Customer

With ISO, UL & SGS Approval, ISO Manufacturer, 2 Factories, Kingtronics brand

Passive parts:  MKT-Radial MLCC cap, TKT-Dipped tantalum cap, RKT--Trimmer Potentiometer 3296, 3006, 3386, 3362...

Active parts:  
Diode M7LL4148, SM4007, BZV55C, BZX55C...
Bridge rectifier MB1S~MB10SDB101S~DB107S, GBJ, KBL, KBPC series...
Transistor BC807BC817, BC846, BC847, BC848, BC849, BC850, BC856, BC857, BC858, BC859, MMBT3904...

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Kingtronics International Company was established in 1995 located in Dongguan City of China to handle all sales & marketing for factories located in Chengdu, Sichuan and Zhaoqing, Guangdong, China. In 1990, we established the first factory to produce trimming potentiometer and in 1999 we built up new factory in Zhao Qing, Guangdong. Now with around 850 workers, Kingtronics produce trimming potentiometers, dipped tantalum capacitors, multilayer ceramic capacitors, and diode & bridge rectifier. We sell good quality under our brand Kingtronics, and Kt, King, Kingtronics are our three trademarks. All our products are RoHS compliant, and our bridge rectifier have UL approval. Please visit our Products page, you could please download all our PDF datasheet and find cross reference for our Trimming Potentiometer and capacitors.

Tantalum and Ceramic Capacitors Cross Reference ↓ Download
Diodes & Rectifiers List(PDF: 97KB) ↓ Download
Trimming Potentiometer Cross Reference ↓Download

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