The frequency of the quartz crystal is obviously a fundamental specification. It is normally expressed to as many significant figures as demanded by the frequency tolerance, although seven figures is normally the maximum. It is wise to express the frequency to the right number of significant figures to avoid misunderstandings in this area of the quartz crystal specification.

Kingtronica Quartz Crystal series are popular in the word market , Quartz Crystal include HC49U, HC49S and SMD quartz crystal HC49SMD .The HC49U is available in tight tolerances and stabilities for demanding applications. With a broad frequency range from 1.8432MHz to 200.000MHz, the HC49U can serve as a low cost solution in virtually any application or market.

A correctly selected arrester can diver surges almost endlessly ,provided the energy to be dissipated is within the capability of the arrester .In the event that an arrester is required to dissipate more energy than it is capable of, it will sacrifice itself by failing short circuit. Most commonly, arrester are connected phase – to – ground and the resultant earth fault will immediately collapse the voltage on that phase, thereby protecting other equipment an the same phase, The upstream protection will initiate a breaker trip to clear the fault, and the failed arrester can then be replaced.

Surge Arrester housing have traditionally been made of porcelain .However , today there is a stronge Arrester housing have traditionally been made of porcelain .However , today there is a strong trend ,and often even a preference ,towards the use of silicone insulators for arrester at all system voltage. There are a number of reasons why silicone is seen as an attractive alternative to porcelain, including potentially better short-circuit capability with increased safety for other equipment and personnel if correctly designed.

Diode have many types: ordinary rectifier diodes, ultra-fast rectifier diodes, transient voltage suppression diodes, switching diodes, high voltage diodes, diode bridge rectifier, SMT surface mount fast recovery diodes, surface-mount schottky diodes SMD, fast recovery rectifier diodes, schottky diodes, bi-directional trigger diodes, zener diodes,damping diodes, ordinary surface mount diodes SMT, SMT surface mount ultra-fast diodes, TO-220 packaged diodes, power snubber diode, etc.

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No. Type Package Packing
ABS ABS2-ABS6 ABS Tape & Reel
  ABS8 ABS Tape & Reel
  ABS10 ABS Tape & Reel
MBS MB1S-MB6S  MBS Tape & Reel
  MB8S MBS Tape & Reel
  MB10S MBS Tape & Reel
  MB8M MBM Tube
  MB10M MBM Tube
DB DB101-DB105 DB Tube
  DB106-DB107 DB Tube
  DB151-DB155 DB Tube
  DB156-DB157 DB Tube
DBS DB101S-DB105S DBS Tube
  DB106S-DB107S DBS Tube
  DB151S-DB155S DBS Tube
  DB156S-DB157S DBS Tube
KBP KBP2005-KBP06 KBP Bulk
  KBP08-KBP210 KBP Bulk
  KBP3005-KBP06 KBP Bulk
  KBP308-KBP310 KBP Bulk
GBP GBP2005-GBP210 GBP Bulk
  GBP3005-GBP310 GBP Bulk
KBL KBL401-KBL406(RS401L-RS406L) KBL Bulk
  KBL08-KBL410 KBL Bulk
  KBL601-KBL608(RS601L-RS606L) KBL Bulk
  KBL610 KBL Bulk
KBU KBU4005-KBU406(RS4) KBU Bulk
  KBU408-KBU410(RS4) KBU Bulk
  KBU6005-KBU606(RS6) KBU Bulk
  KBU608-KBU610(RS6) KBU Bulk
  KBU8005-KBU806(RS8) KBU Bulk
  KBU808-KBU810(RS8) KBU Bulk
  KBU10005-KBU1006 KBU Bulk
  KBU1008-KBU1010 KBU Bulk
  KBU15005-KBU1506 KBU Bulk
  KBU1508-KBU1510 KBU Bulk
  KBU25005-KBU2506 KBU Bulk
  KBU25008-KBU2510 KBU Bulk
  KBU35005-KBU3506 KBU Bulk
  KBU3508-KBU3510 KBU Bulk
GBU GBU4005-GBU406 GBU Bulk
  GBU408-GBU410 GBU Bulk
  GBU6005-GBU606 GBU Bulk
  GBU608-GBU610 GBU Bulk
  GBU8005-GBU806 GBU Bulk
  GBU808-GBU810 GBU Bulk
  GBU10005-GBU1006 GBU Bulk
  GBU1008-GBU1010 GBU Bulk
  GBU15005-GBU1510 GBU Bulk
  GBU20005-GBU2010 GBU Bulk
  GBU25005-GBU2510 GBU Bulk
KBJ4(3S)     KBJ4005-KBJ406 KBJ4(3S) Bulk
  KBJ408-KBJ410 KBJ4(3S) Bulk
  KBJ6005-KBJ606 KBJ4(3S) Bulk
  KBJ608-KBJ610 KBJ4(3S) Bulk
  KBJ8005-KBJ806 KBJ4(3S) Bulk
  KBJ808-KBJ810 KBJ4(3S) Bulk
  KBJ10005-KBJ1006 KBJ4(3S) Bulk
  KBJ1008-KBJ1010 KBJ4(3S) Bulk
  KBJ15005-KBJ1506 KBJ4(3S) Bulk
  KBJ1508-KBJ1510 KBJ4(3S) Bulk
KBJ6(5S) GBJ6005-GBJ606 KBJ6(5S) Bulk
  GBJ608-GBJ610 KBJ6(5S) Bulk
  GBJ8005-GBJ806 KBJ6(5S) Bulk
  GBJ808-GBJ810 KBJ6(5S) Bulk
  GBJ10005-GBJ1006 KBJ6(5S) Bulk
  GBJ1008-GBJ1010 KBJ6(5S) Bulk
  GBJ15005-GBJ1506 KBJ6(5S) Bulk
  GBJ1508-GBJ1510 KBJ6(5S) Bulk
  GBJ20005-GBJ2006 KBJ6(5S) Bulk
  GBJ2008-GBJ2010 KBJ6(5S) Bulk
  GBJ25005-GBJ2506 KBJ6(5S) Bulk
  GBJ2508-GBJ2510 KBJ6(5S) Bulk
  GBJ35005-GBJ3506 KBJ6(5S) Bulk
  GBJ3508-GBJ3510 KBJ6(5S) Bulk
  KBPC108-KBPC110 KBPC1 Bulk
KBPC6 KBPC6005-KBPC6006 KBPC6 Bulk
  KBPC608-KBPC610 KBPC6 Bulk
  KBPC6005-KBPC6006 KBPC6 Bulk
  KBPC608-KBPC610 KBPC6 Bulk
  KBPC808-KBPC810 KBPC8 Bulk
  KBPC8005L-KBPC806L KBPC8 Bulk
  KBPC808L-KBPC810L KBPC8 Bulk
  KBPC10005-KBPC1006 KBPC8 Bulk
  KBPC1008-KBPC1010 KBPC8 Bulk
  KBPC10005L-KBPC1006L KBPC8 Bulk
  KBPC1008L-KBPC1010L KBPC8 Bulk
  KBPC1508-KBPC1510 KBPC/ KBPC-W Bulk
  KBPC25005-KBPC2506 KBPC/ KBPC-W Bulk
  KBPC2508-KBPC2510 KBPC/ KBPC-W Bulk
  KBPC35005-KBPC3506 KBPC/ KBPC-W Bulk
  KBPC3508-KBPC3510 KBPC/ KBPC-W Bulk
  KBPC50005-KBPC5006 KBPC/ KBPC-W Bulk
  KBPC5008-KBPC5010 KBPC/ KBPC-W Bulk
BR/BR-W BR15005-BR1506 BR/BR-W Bulk
  BR15008-BR1510 BR/BR-W Bulk
  BR25005-BR2506 BR/BR-W Bulk
  BR25008-BR2510 BR/BR-W Bulk
  BR35005-BR3506 BR/BR-W Bulk
  BR35008-BR3510 BR/BR-W Bulk
  BR50005-BR5006 BR/BR-W Bulk
  BR50008-BR5010 BR/BR-W Bulk
BR-L BR15005L-BR1506L BR-L Bulk
  BR15008L-BR1510L BR-L Bulk
  BR25005L-BR2506L BR-L Bulk
  BR25008L-BR2510L BR-L Bulk
  BR35005L-BR3506L BR-L Bulk
  BR35008L-BR3510L BR-L Bulk
  BR50005L-BR5006L BR-L Bulk
  BR50008L-BR5010L BR-L Bulk
  GBPC15008-GBPC1510 GBPC Bulk
  GBPC25005-GBPC2506 GBPC Bulk
  GBPC25008-GBPC2510 GBPC Bulk
  GBPC35005-GBPC3506 GBPC Bulk
  GBPC35008-GBPC3510 GBPC Bulk
  GBPC50005-GBPC5006 GBPC Bulk
  GBPC50008-GBPC5010 GBPC Bulk
  GBPC25005-GBPC2510W GBPCW Bulk
  GBPC35005-GBPC3510W GBPCW Bulk
  GBPC50005-GBPC5010W GBPCW Bulk
  SKBPC2512-SKBPC2516 SKBPC Bulk
  SKBPC3501-SKBPC3510 SKBPC Bulk
  SKBPC3512-SKBPC3516 SKBPC Bulk
  SKBPC5001-SKBPC5010 SKBPC Bulk
  SKBPC5012-SKBPC5016 SKBPC Bulk

Kingtronics is a manufacturer of capactiors. We are offering two types of tantalum capacitor, chip tantalum capacitor (SMD) and Dipped tantalum capacitor (Radial).

For dipped tantalum capacitor, Kingtronics has 3 production lines and its out put is at 2.5KK /month. The production ability is quite strong.

The tantalum capacitor is a highly reliable type of solid capacitor or electrolytic capacitor. Surface mount tantalum capacitors are increasingly being used in circuit designs because of their volumetric efficiency, basic reliability and process compatibility.

Tantalum capacitors are manufactured from a powder of relatively pure tantalum metal. The typical particle size is between 2 and 10 μm.

Dipped tantalum capacitors' size is very small, so radial tantalum capacitors are used where a large capacitance is needed in a small size.

On Kingtronics tantalum capacitor product body, it printed with its capacitance and voltage. For packaging, Kingtronics has two package methods, bulk and Ammo.

Dielectric Voltage - The dielectric (insulation of Potentiometer "guts" to the body) rating is especially important if the Potentiometer is connected to mains operated, non-isolated equipment. Wall mounted lamp dimmers and such are typical examples. This is not commonly specified, but for safety, should be at least 2.5kV. A common way to achieve this is to use a plastic shaft, with the body of the Potentiometer insulated from the chassis, and inaccessible by the user - even if the knob falls off or is removed! This point cannot be stressed highly enough.

Most standard Potentiometer will safely withstand (maybe) 100V or so between the resistance element and terminals, and the body and shaft. Miniature types will usually be less than this. Never, ever, use a standard Potentiometer with a metal shaft to control direct mains operated equipment. Even if the Potentiometer case is earthed, the voltage rating between the internal element(s) and terminals to the case is often unspecified, and is almost always completely unsuited to mains voltages.

Ceramic chip capacitors should be stored in normal working environments. While the chips themselves are quite robust in other environments, solder ability will be degraded by exposure to high temperatures, high humidity, corrosive atmospheres, and long term storage. In addition, packaging materials will be degraded by high temperature – reels may soften or warp, and tape peel force may increase. Kingtronics International Company recommends that maximum storage temperature not exceed 40℃, and maximum storage humidity not exceed 70% relative humidity. In addition, temperature fluctuations should be minimized to avoid condensation on the parts, and atmospheres should be free of chlorine and sulfur bearing compounds. For optimized solder ability, chip stock should be used promptly, preferably within 1.5 years of receipt

The temperature stability is another important area of the crystal specification and it is the allowable frequency deviation as the temperature varies. Again normally expressed in ppm, from the frequency at the reference temperature per degree Celsius. Sometimes the crystal specification may use a frequency tolerance consisting of the sum of the calibration and temperature stability tolerances is quoted.

Over the Operating Temperature Range, an amount of total deviation acceptable for the application. Tighter specifications of Stability lower yield in Quartz Crystal Blank production thereby serving to increase production costs

Kingtronics offers high quality quartz crystal at incredibly aggressive prices. The HC49S series is an industry standard crystal package. HC49S is a low cost, low profile timing option for applications where cost is critical.

The HC49S is available in tight tolerances and stabilities for demanding applications. With a broad frequency range from 3.200MHz to 90.000 MHz, the HC49S can serve as a low cost solution in virtually any application or market.

Tantalum Capacitors offer many advantages over other types of capacitor. This has meant that their use has risen considerably over the years, and now they are widely used in all forms of electronics equipment. The advantages of Tantalum Capacitors can be summarised:

Volumetric efficiency: Tantalum Capacitors offer a very high level of volumetric efficiency - much greater than many other types. In particular they are better than electrolytic capacitors which are their main rival.

Good frequency characteristics: The frequency response of Tantalum Capacitors is superior to that of electrolytic capacitors. This means that they are more suitable for use in a number of applications where electrolytics could not be used.

High reliability: Tantalum Capacitors are more reliable than many other forms of capacitor. Provided they are operated within their ratings they are able to provide an almost unlimited life. Their use is not time limited as in the case of electrolytic capacitors.

Wide operating temperature range: Tantalum Capacitors are able to operate over a very wide temperature range. They are often specified for operating over the range -55℃ to +125℃. This makes them an ideal choice for use in equipment for use in harsh environmental conditions.

Compatibility with modern production methods: Modern production techniques often expose components to high temperatures during soldering as the whole assembly is heated by infra-red heat. Using conventional leaded components only the board surface was heated and the amount of heat conducted by the leads was usually insufficient to damage the components. Tantalum capacitors are able to withstand the temperatures of SMT production and are there fore ideal for use in many new electronics designs.

Kingtronics produced tantalum capacitor since 1997, including dipped tantalum capacitors (through hole capacitors), general purpose chip tantalum capacitors (surface mount). Now the raw material of chip tantalum capacitor is in great shortage, its price is unstable and will increase at any time, without any cutoff date!

In case you have any inquiry for chip tantalum capacitor, please send to us ( at earliest before the price jumping up!

Kingtronics can offer 4 cases: A Case, B Case, C Case and D Case! Tolerance can be +/-20% and +/-10%

For A Case: capacitance can be from 0.1uF until 33uF and voltage can be from 6.3V until 50V
For B Case: capacitance can be from 0.47uF until 100uF and voltage can be from 6.3V until 50V
For C Case: capacitance can be from 1uF until 220uF and voltage can be from 6.3V until 50V
For D Case: capacitance can be from 1uF until 220uF and voltage can be from 6.3V until 50V

A Zener Diode is a special kind of diode which permits current to flow in the forward direction as normal, but will also allow it to flow in the reverse direction when the voltage is above a certain value - the breakdown voltage known as the Zener voltage.

The Zener voltage of a standard diode is high, but if a reverse current above that value is allowed to pass through it, the diode is permanently damaged. Zener diodes are designed so that their Zener voltage is much lower - for example just 2.4 Volts. When a reverse current above the Zener voltage passes through a Zener diode, there is a controlled breakdown which does not damage the diode. The voltage drop across the Zener diode is equal to the Zener voltage of that diode no matter how high the reverse bias voltage is above the Zener voltage.

The illustration above shows this phenomenon in a Current vs. Voltage graph. With a Zener diode connected in the forward direction, it behaves exactly the same as a standard diode - i.e. a small voltage drop of 0.3 to 0.7V with current flowing through pretty much unrestricted. In the reverse direction however there is a very small leakage current between 0V and the Zener voltage - i.e. just a tiny amount of current is able to flow. Then, when the voltage reaches the breakdown voltage (Vz), suddenly current can flow freely through it.

Uses of Zener Diodes

Since the voltage dropped across a Zener Diode is a known and fixed value, Zener diodes are typically used to regulate the voltage in electric circuits. Using a resistor to ensure that the current passing through the Zener diode is at least 5mA (0.005 Amps), the circuit designer knows that the voltage drop across the diode is exactly equal to the Zener voltage of the diode.

A Zener diode can be used to make a simple voltage regulation circuit as pictured above. The output voltage is fixed at the Zener voltage of the Zener diode used and so can be used to power devices requiring a fixed voltage.

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Kingtronics International Company was established in 1995 located in Dongguan City of China to handle all sales & marketing for factories located in Chengdu, Sichuan and Zhaoqing, Guangdong, China. In 1990, we established the first factory to produce trimming potentiometer and in 1999 we built up new factory in Zhao Qing, Guangdong. Now with around 850 workers, Kingtronics produce trimming potentiometers, dipped tantalum capacitors, multilayer ceramic capacitors, and diode & bridge rectifier. We sell good quality under our brand Kingtronics, and Kt, King, Kingtronics are our three trademarks. All our products are RoHS compliant, and our bridge rectifier have UL approval. Please visit our Products page, you could please download all our PDF datasheet and find cross reference for our Trimming Potentiometer and capacitors.

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