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Power management refers to how to effectively allocated to the power supply system of different components. Power management is very important to rely on battery power of mobile devices. Power management technology also called power control technology. It belongs to the category of power electronic technology. Nowadays it has been widely applied to industry, energy, transportation, information, aerospace, defense, education, culture, and many other fields.

Our diodes and bridge rectifiers can be used for power management. 
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Application of product segmentation: 

Computer Power

KBP210  KBP310  D2UB100  D3UB100  D4UB100  GBU410  GBU610


KBP210  KBP310  D2UB100  D3UB100  D4UB100  GBU410  GBU610  FR207 FR107  HER108  HER208  HER308  SR3200


ES1J  1N4007  M7  FR107  SS16  US1J

( Uninterrupted Power System )

MD120C18D1  KBPC2510  KBPC3510  S25VB100  MD200C18D2

Server Power Suppy

KBU410  KBU610  KBU810  KBU1010  KBU1510  KBU2510  D2UB100 D3UB100  GBU410  GBU610  GBU810  GBU1510  GBU2510  KBJ410 GBJ610  KBPC2510


Generally bridge rectifier is divided into full-bridge and half-bridge.

Half-bridge : Two half-bridge is a half bridge rectifier diodes sealing together. Two half-bridge circuit can be composed of a bridge rectifier. 

A half bridge may be composed of a transformer with a center tap full-wave rectifier circuit.

Full-bridge : Formed by full-wave bridge rectifier circuit connected by four rectifier diodes, and packaged as one composed of external insulation packaging.

In addition , Bridge Rectifier Package category: SMD series, Bridge series, Round Bridge Series, Flat bridge series, Square Bridge Series.

Usually the bridge rectifier named in three or four digits, the first or first two number represents the rated current, the latter two figures represent the rated voltage (digital * 100V)

KBL407 : KBL = package; IR (current) = 4A; VRRM (voltage) = 700V.
KBPC2510 : KBPC = package; IR (current) = 25A; VRRM (voltage) = 1000V.

Division Method and Type


By Function

General purpose diode

For rectifying, switching and clamping

Rectifier diode

Devoted to rectifying diode

Switching diode

For use in ultra high speed switching

Zener diode

Diodes for Silicon Planar Power Purpose

Fast Recovery diode

Fast shuldown( step-function recovery) diode

By External Packaging Material

Plastic Diode

Many diode using such packaging materials

Metal packaged diodes

Power rectifier diode using this packaging material

Glass encapsulated diode

Silicon Epitaxial Planar Switching Diode using this packaging material

Kingtronics diode include: M7, 1N4001S-1N4007S, 1N4001-1N4007, 1N5391-1N5399, RL201-RL207, 1N5400-1N5408, 6A05-6A10, FR101-FR107, 1N4933-1N4937, FR151-FR157, FR201-FR207, 1N5817-1N5819, 1N5820-1N5822, LL4148, BZV55C, RS1M, SM4007 melf, UF4007.1N4727A-1N4761A, BZX55C, 1N4148, 1N4148W, 1N4148WS, 1N4148WT.

Kingtronics Bridge Rectifiers include: DB101-DB107, DB101S-DB107S, MB2S-MB10S, KBL4005-KBL410, KBU6005-KBU610, KBP2005-KBP210, GBU4005-GBU410, GBJ6005-GBJ610, KBPC25005-KBPC2510, KBPC25005W-KBPC2510W, KBPC35005-KBPC3510, KBPC35005W-KBPC3510W.

Bridge rectifier circuit is the most used of a rectifier circuit. 
Such a circuit, simply by adding two diodes connected to port "bridge" structure, it has the advantage of a full-wave rectifying circuit, while a certain extent, overcome its shortcomings.

Kingtronics produce and sell many different kinds of bridge rectifiers. 
Bridge rectifier are widely used in LCD TV, CRT color TV sets, monitors, speakers, energy-saving lamps, microwave ovens, printers, set-top boxes, small household electrical appliances and other fields.

Bridge Rectifiers is composed of four rectifier bridge rectifier bridge silicon chip to make the connection, external insulation made of plastic or metal packaging. 
The main role is to convert alternating current to direct current. 
Bridge rectifier varieties, there are flat, round, square, the bench form (sub-line and SMD) with GPP and O / J structure of the points. 
Maximum rectified current from 0.5A to 100A, the highest peak reverse voltage from 50V to 1600V.

Kingtronics Bridge Rectifiers include: DB101-DB107, DB101S-DB107S, MB2S-MB10S, KBL4005-KBL410, KBU6005-KBU610, KBP2005-KBP210, GBU4005-GBU410, GBJ6005-GBJ610, KBPC25005-KBPC2510, KBPC25005W-KBPC2510W, KBPC35005-KBPC3510, KBPC35005W-KBPC3510W.

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Kingtronics International Company was established in 1995 located in Dongguan City of China to handle all sales & marketing for factories located in Chengdu, Sichuan and Zhaoqing, Guangdong, China. In 1990, we established the first factory to produce trimming potentiometer and in 1999 we built up new factory in Zhao Qing, Guangdong. Now with around 850 workers, Kingtronics produce trimming potentiometers, dipped tantalum capacitors, multilayer ceramic capacitors, and diode & bridge rectifier. We sell good quality under our brand Kingtronics, and Kt, King, Kingtronics are our three trademarks. All our products are RoHS compliant, and our bridge rectifier have UL approval. Please visit our Products page, you could please download all our PDF datasheet and find cross reference for our Trimming Potentiometer and capacitors.

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