A tantalum capacitor is a type of capacitor with parts made out of the metal tantalum. Because they offer several advantages over older and more standard aluminum capacitors, tantalum capacitors are becoming increasingly popular and are often included in newer circuit designs.

IdentificationA capacitor is an electronic component made out of two conductive plates separated by an insulating material. It is used to store energy.


Tantalum is a rare, hard, heavy, blue-grey metal. It is highly resistant to corrosion and is mostly chemical inert, making it a durable

metal for electronic components. Tantalum capacitors are made from a small amount of mostly pure tantalum powder.


Tantalum capacitors are used in situations where the capacitor must hold power for a longer period of time.

They are also used with power supplies and in environments that operate at high temperature.


Because of the way tantalum capacitors are constructed and the natural resistance to corrosion of tantalum,

tantalum capacitors are exceptionally durable. They do not have any parts that wear out with use.


One disadvantage to tantalum capacitors is that they are polar devices. They can only operate with power

flowing through them in one direction, unlike some other types of capacitors.

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The bridge rectifier is the most commonly used full wave rectifier circuit for several reasons, one advantage of a bridge rectifier over a conventional full-wave rectifier is that with a given transformer the bridge rectifier produces a voltage output that is nearly twice that of the conventional full-wave circuit.

(1) It does not require the use of center-tapped transformer, and therefore can be coupled directly to the ac power line, if desired.
(2)Using a transformer with the same secondary voltage produces a peak output voltage that is nearly double the voltage of the full wave center-tapped rectifier. This results in the higher dc voltage from the supply.

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Zener diode transfers current forward and backward, while traditional diodes are only capable of transferring current forward.

Many different electronic systems use Zener diodes to control their circui's voltage levels.

While there are several ways of doing this, Zener diodes provide efficient voltage regulation without damaging the diode itself.

How Zener Diodes Work
Zener diode acts like a regular diode as current moves in a forward direction in its circuit.

However, when a large enough voltage is applied to the diode in the reverse direction, it travels against the current from the output to the input.

Zener diodes can limit the amount of current that passes through them so that the voltage going backward limits the voltage going forward.

Zener diodes are very small and can be integrated into virtually any electronic device, especially small circuits that cannot accommodate other forms of voltage regulation technology.

Zener diodes are also relatively inexpensive and are compatible with most other systems, making them the preferred voltage regulation device.

Hi, dear, do you want to know what size bridge you need to use when replacing? Here I want to share with you my experience.

I get variations of this question quite often, such as: I don't see the bridge used in the Atari AC power "brick"....

My Tempest manual says I need a MDA3501 bridge & I can't find one....What's a suitable replacement for my T3501... and so on.

Like diodes & many other components, the key is usually in the part number. I have added more info on the Parts Page beside each one listed to better aid you.

But I will put a brief note here, as well. In both the examples cited above the bridge is ...from the part number.... a 35[amp]01[ 100 volt].

Generally speaking the first digit/s will refer to the amperage that the bridge is capable of handling & the ending digit/s the voltage it is capable of handling.

As Scotie would say...if you put a 2501 in place of the cited bridge, she's gonna blow!... since the bridge is only able to handle up to 25 amps of current even though the 100 volts is sufficient.

You could go to an "02" 200 volt, "04" 400 volt or higher & still end up with a blown bridge. You need to at least meet both amperage & voltage of the original when replacing.

A good replacement for the cited bridge would be a 3502... disregarding mrf's prefix or suffix.... for 35 amps & capable of handling 200 volts before popping a leg.

Much like sister components.... diodes, capacitors & resistors, you can safely go beyond specs, but not below.

1N4001 [1A50v] can be replaced by any in the series up to 1N4007 [1A1000V]
100uF 160V cap can be replaced by a 100uF 200V or better cap
220 ohm 1/4w resistor can be replaced by a 220 ohm 1/2w resistor

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Kt Kingtronics Diodes

25 Jul 2011

There are a number of different electronic devices which tend to be called diodes.

Although they're made differently they all have three things in common.

They have two leads like a resistor.
The current they pass depends upon the voltage between the leads.
They do not obey Ohm's law!

As an example we will use a typical diode called a pn-junction. This allows us to explain behaviour of diodes.

The function of a diode is to allow current in one direction and to block current in the opposite direction.

The terminals of a diode are called the anode and cathode. There are two kinds of semiconductor diodes: a P-N junction diode, which forms an electrical barrier at the interface between N- and P-type semiconductor layers, and a Schottky diode, whose barrier is formed between metal and semiconductor regions.

Remember, however, that there are other sorts of diodes which are built differently but show the same general behaviour.

Variable resistors used as potentiometers have all three terminals connected. This arrangement is normally used to vary voltage, for example to set the switching point of a circuit with a sensor, or control the volume (loudness) in an amplifier circuit. If the terminals at the ends of the track are connected across the power supply then the wiper terminal will provide a voltage which can be varied from zero up to the maximum of the supply.

Kingtronics are potentiometers manufacturer since 1990. Trimming potentiometers are Kingtronics' first products. RKT-3006 is one of the Trimming potentiometers,It is used where very precise adjustments must be made.RKT-3006 has 3 terminal styles:3006W, 3006P, 3006Y. The screw must be turned many times (10+) to move the slider from one end of the track to the other, giving very fine control.

Multilayer ceramic capacitors consist of electrodes, the interleaved ceramic dielectric and the external terminal connectors. The capacitance is given by the description:

A = Electrode area
n = Number of active layers
d = Distance between electrodes
εr = Dielectric relative
ε0 = Dielectric constant

Whilst the values “A x n” and “d” are respectively determined by the production process the dielectric constant is a function of the ceramic material used.

The tantalum capacitor is a highly reliable type of electrolytic capacitor, available in both solid-bodied and separately encased forms.

The encased "wet" variant is not used often in modern designs. Surface mount tantalum capacitors are widely used in circuit designs because of their volumetric efficiency, basic reliability and process compatibility.

Tantalum SMD capacitors are widely used to provide levels of capacitance that are higher than those that can be achieved when using ceramic capacitors.

Solid tantalum chip capacitors are designed and manufactured with the demanding requirements of surface mount technology in mind, there are six cases availble.

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Tantalum electrolytic capacitors exploit the tendency of tantalum to form a protective oxide surface layer, using tantalum powder, pressed into a pellet shape, as one "plate" of the capacitor, the oxide as the dielectric, and an electrolytic solution or conductive solid as the other "plate". Because the dielectric layer can be very thin (thinner than the similar layer in, for instance, an aluminium electrolytic capacitor), a high capacitance can be achieved in a small volume. Because of the size and weight advantages, tantalum capacitors are attractive for portable telephones, personal computers, and automotive electronics.

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