What is Tantalum Capacitors?

Tantalum capacitors are a subtype of electrolytic capacitors. They are made of tantalum metal which acts as an anode, covered by a layer of oxide which acts as the dielectric, surrounded by a conductive cathode. The use of tantalum allows for a very thin dielectric layer. This results in a higher capacitance value per volume, superior frequency characteristics compared to many other types of capacitors and excellent stability over time. Tantalum capacitors are generally polarized, which means that they may only be connected to a DC supply observing the correct terminal polarity. The downside to using tantalum capacitors is their unfavorable failure mode which may lead to thermal runaway, fires and small explosions, but this can be prevented through the use of external failsafe devices such as current limiters or thermal fuses. Technology advances allow tantalum capacitors to be used in a wide variety of circuits, often found in laptops, automotive industry, cell phones and others, most often in the form of surface mounted devices (SMD). These surface mount tantalum capacitors claim much less space on the printed circuit board and allow for greater packing densities.

Tantalum Capacitors is the ideal products for TV, video recorder, computer, program-controlled switch, telephone, instrument, and other civil electronic complete machines.

Since Tantalum Capacitors is widely used and may manufactures was affected by the spread of the epidemic in Europe and the United States. The price for the Tantalum Capacitors may be double by the end of this year.

Therefore, if you have any inquiry on hand, it is time to share your inquiry with Kingtronics.

The types of capacitors that are used in the industrial end-use market segment include primarily plastic film capacitors, ceramic capacitors; aluminum electrolytic capacitors; but also to a lesser extent carbon supercapacitors and tantalum capacitors as is shown in the chart below.

For the application of capactiors, listed as below. Are you one of the professional manufacturer from below industry? 
Kingtronics can help you with our great capacitors and Diodes solutions. Welcome send mail to info@kingtronics.com for more and detailed quotation.

*Power Transmission and Distribution
*Motors and Drives
*Renewable Energy
*Lasers (industrial and medical)
*Defibrillator (external only)
*X-Ray machines (pulsed)
*Ultrasonics (pulse welders, cleaners)
*Airport runway strobes
*Pulse forming networks for radar
*Water purification
*Railgun power
*Missile power-up
*Food sterilization
*Marx generators
*Television and radio transmitters

Yageo said that due to the 5G driving demand for tantalum capacitors and the price increase effect driven by the epidemic, it is estimated that the price of tantalum capacitors will double by the end of this year.

Tantalum capacitors and MLCC, aluminum electrolytic, and film capacitors are the four commonly used capacitors in the industry. Tantalum capacitors have high density, high reliability and stability, and wide temperature range characteristics. They are widely used in industrial and consumer markets. According to statistics, in 2019 The global market size is approximately USD 1.6 billion.

Tantalum capacitors are widely used in fast charging devices for mobile phones due to their stable output and small size. In addition, tantalum capacitors are also ideal choice for 5G devices with large outdoor temperature changes and high requirements for service life and reliability. With the start of 5G commercial use, 5G base stations will be deployed in large numbers, which will increase the demand for tantalum capacitors.

At present, international tantalum capacitor manufacturers represented by the US companies VISHAY, KEMET, and AVX dominate the international tantalum capacitor market. However, due to the spread of the epidemic in Europe and the United States in the second quarter, the production capacity of overseas manufacturers was affected, and the gap between supply and demand expanded. AVX took the lead in May this year increase the price by 10%-15%. Yageo stated that the price increase of some items will take effect from May until the end of September; since manufacturers increased their prices, the surrounding spot retail sales have increased by 2 to 3 times, and the industry predicts that the price increase may be doubled by the end of this year. 

It does not seem that suppliers are alarmist. Under the influence of the epidemic and many uncertain factors in the international supply chain, the price surge of tantalum capacitors may intensify.

Raw material for tantalum capacitor is increasingly scarce in the market recently.
Prices are rising while the lead time is extended accordingly.

At the moment, we have no offer for most of dipped tantalum capacitor values.
Of course, if you have order on hand, we can confirm case by case if we could support it.

The problem may be tougher in the future. Customers is planning order for Q3-Q4.

If you have any demand for them, welcome to confirm earlier !

Chip, Polymer, Hybrid, Axial Tantalum Capacitors







Chip Tantalum Capacitors

0.1 - 470µF

4V - 50V

-55 ~ +125


Low ESR Chip Tantalum Capacitors

0.1 - 470µF

4V - 50V

-55 ~ +125


Solid Polymer Tantalum Capacitors

0.47 - 1000µF

2.5V - 63V

-55 ~ +105


Hybrid, Radial-lead, Heteropolarity

160 - 50000µF

10V - 125V

-55 ~ +125


Hybrid, Radial-lead, Heteropolarity

1100 - 150000µF

10V - 125V

-55 ~ +125


Hybrid, Radial-lead, Heteropolarity

2200 - 230000µF

10V - 125V

-55 ~ +125


Radial-lead, Heteropolarity, screws

160 - 50000µF

10V - 125V

-55 ~ +125


Radial-lead, Heteropolarity, screws

1100 - 150000µF

10V - 125V

-55 ~ +125


Radial-lead, Heteropolarity, screws

2200 - 230000µF

10V - 125V

-55 ~ +125


Radial-lead, Heteropolarity, 3 screws

5600 - 24000µF

50V - 80V

-55 ~ +125


Hybrid, Radial-lead, Heteropolarity

68 - 22000µF

10V - 125V

-55 ~ +125


Combined Non-solid Electrolytic

160 - 50000µF

150V - 5000V

-55 ~ +125


Hybrid, Square, Heteropolarity

160 - 50000µF


-55 ~ +125


Hybrid, With Mounting flange

8000- 11000µF

10V - 125V

-55 ~ +125


Hybrid, With Mounting flange

560- 230000µF

10V - 125V

-55 ~ +125


Hybrid, With Mounting flange

1100 - 100000µF

10V - 125V

-55 ~ +125


Silver Axial Wet Tantalum Capacitors

0.5 - 3300 µF

6.3V - 125V

-55 ~ +125


Silver Axial Wet Tantalum Capacitors

1 - 1500 µF

6.3V - 125V

-55 ~ +125


Metal Axial Wet Tantalum Capacitors

0.1 - 1000µF

6.3V - 100V

-55 ~ +125

 Kingtronics Analyzes Tough Situation for Tantalum Capacitors

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It can be speculated that the shortage of MLCC will relatively increase the demand for tantalum capacitors, such as price changes due to insufficient supply.

* Mainly due to the increasing use of MLCCs in smartphones, cameras, and automobile manufacturing, demand has been gradually increased, and supply has fallen short of demand.
Current delivery period of other manufacturers is at least 40 weeks (MLCC shortage is expected to continue till 2020).

* The market is looking for alternatives to solve the shortage of multilayer ceramic capacitors MLCC, some can be replaced by capacitors with equal ratings (such as tantalum capacitors).
The main difference between tantalum capacitors and ceramic capacitors is their performance at a certain temperature and voltage difference. In many applications, tantalum capacitors can be used to replace MLCCs, but tantalum may increase the cost of the assembly.

* Reasons affecting the price and delivery of tantalum capacitors: increased demand for national defense and aviation, fires in the tantalum mine in Brazil (occurred in March 2019), and the weakening of US dollar against CNY due to international exchange rate factors).

At present, it has been confirmed that MLCC is in short supply and some tantalum capacitors can be replaced. Therefore, the demand for tantalum capacitors has increased. If the supply is insufficient, it will cause market price changes and market supply shortages.

Kt Kingtronics Tantalum Capacitors solve your problems:
TKT-Dipped Tantalum Capacitors       about 5-7weeks
CKT-SMD Tantalum Capacitors          about 5-7 weeks

Kt Kingtronics TKT-Dipped Tantalum Capacitor (ISO & SGS Certified) with competitive price and lead time support, welcome your inqiries!

Pakage: Bulk & Ammo Tape in Box (Ammo Taped).
pitch size: 2.54mm & 5.08mm
CAP. RANGE: 0.1 - 330µF
VOLT. RANGE (DC): 6.3V - 50V

**Cross reference:

Kingtronics Series

NIC Series




TKT Series



T350 to T390


CKT Series





Datasheet: http://www.kingtronics.com/pdf/dipped-tantalum-capacitors.pdf
Product Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXFsQ8o7VVs

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1. Capacitor
Chip capacitors and other components in the package of 1206 and above should be used with cautions, there is a practical risk in the welding process.
Ceramic capacitors use NPO (C0G) and X7R two types which temperature coefficient control is better. Tantalum capacitors which rated voltage is lower than 25V are preferred. The forming voltage of the Aluminum Electrolytic capacitors should be 1.2 to 1.4 times of the rated voltage.

In general, the comparison of ESR values of various capacitor: aluminum capacitor > tantalum capacitor > ceramic capacitor;
The ripple current should not exceed the specifications under the high temperature, otherwise it will affect the service life; the limit value of each package is not recommended.


2. Diode & triode
When selecting the diode & triodes, pay attention to whether the following parameters are sufficient in the circuit to prevent the risk of damage.
Reverse breakdown voltage Vbr, reverse repeated operating voltage Vrwm, maximum average forward average current If, Instantaneous forward voltage Vf, reverse recovery time Trr, thermal resistance Rjc, maximum junction temperature Tjm.


3. Crystals and crystal oscillators
Try to use the chip package. The largest shipment in the industry is 3.2mmx2.5mm (3225) package;
the AT cut fundamental frequency is selected, the preferred range is 12MHz~15MHz; a crystal oscillator generally only drives one device.

尽量选用贴片封装,行业内目前出货量最大的是3.2mmx2.5mm(3225) 封装;

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