Kingtronics would like to share our another strong production line: XKT Metal Oxide Varistors.
Radial leaded varistor devices be use in electrical surge protectors which protect against overvoltage transients. it can protect rectification diodes, SCRs, power transistors, semiconductor devices, etc.
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Product datasheet:
Kingtronics Kt 05D to 20D Metal Oxide Varistor product video:

•       Operating Temperature Range: -40℃~+105℃
•       Body Diameters Range From 5D to 20D
•       Wide Operating Voltage from 18V to 1800V
•       Full compliance with RoSH and REACH

Applications: Industrial equipment, Home appliance, Industrial equipment, Lighting products, Telecommunication or telephone system

Kingtronics XKT Series 05D to 20D Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV)

Metal oxide Varistors ( MOV, Metal Oxide Varistor ) are voltage dependent resistors with symmetrical voltage-current characteristics which are designed to protect all kinds of electronic devices or elements from switching pulse or induced lightening surges. Its non linear characteristic with broad application range, mass production feasibility are gradually being used in various level of electric and electronic device from low to high voltages level protections ( AC11V- 1000 V as available ranges ).

Kingtronics offers high quality XKT 05D to 20D Metal Oxide Varistor at incredibly aggressive prices, following are our product data, welcome your inquiry!

Product datasheet

Operating Temperature Range: -40℃~+105℃
Body Diameters Range From 5D to 20D
Wide Operating Voltage from 18V to 1800V
Full compliance with RoSH and REACH

Industrial equipment
Home appliance
Industrial equipment
Lighting products
Telecommunication or telephone system

 Kingtronics XKT Series 05D to 20D Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV)

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Kt Kingtronics Hot Sellers

L/T excluding holidays, case by case


GKT-Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor

Snap-in Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor

about 3-4weeks

SMD Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor

about 5-6weeks




Diode Rectifier


<500Kpcs about 2-3weeks, or stock

≥500Kpcs about 4-6weeks




RKT-Trimming Potentiometer(common resistance)

RKT-3266, 3296

about 3-5weeks


about 2-5weeks


RKT-3590, 3540

<1kpcs about 3-4weeks

1Kpcs-5Kpcs about 6weeks

RKT-3362, 3386

about 2-4weeks




MKT-Radial Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor

about 3weeks

AKT-Axial MLCC Capacitors(Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor

KKT-SMD 3mm Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor

stock or about 3-4weeks

TKT-Dipped Tantalum Capacitor

about 5-7weeks

CKT-SMD Tantalum Capacitor(yellow color)

QKT-Quartz Crystals and Oscillators

5032SMD serie about 5-6weeks, rest about 3-6weeks

SKT-Gas Tube Surge Arresters

about 5-6weeks

NKT-NTC Negative Temperature Coefficient Thermistor

about 4-6weeks


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As below you could find the partial cross reference for popular Capacitors,Rectifiers,Trimpots, our whole team is ready to replenish more details as per your demands.

Kt Kingtronics Capacitors,Rectifiers,Trimpots Cross Reference to Murata,Vishay,Bourns,Diotec,Nichicon,Nippon,Chemi-con,Rubycon, Panasonic…

Diode Rectifiers, Bridge Rectifiers
RKT-Trimming Potentiometers
AKT-Axial Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (Mono Cap)
MKT-Radial Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (Mono Cap)
TKT-Dipped Tantalum Capacitor
CKT-SMD Chip Tantalum Capacitors(yellow color)
PKT-Ultra Low ESR Conductive Polymer Solid Tantalum Capacitors SMD
SMD 3mm Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor 
GKT-Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors


Kingtronics product portfolio offers 7mm(XKT7D)radial leaded varistor devices which protect against overvoltage transients. As transformers, relays and coils, XKT7D can protect rectification diodes, SCRs, power transistors, semiconductor devices, etc.
Varistor Voltages: 18 V- 910 V
Maximum Allowable Voltage(ACrms): 11 V- 550 V
Nominal Varistor Voltage: 101K- 911K
Standard Size: 10x12.5mm
Operating temperature range: -40℃~+105℃
Full compliance with RoHS and REACH
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After several months research and repeated testing, Kingtronics MOV(metal oxide varistor) XKT5D were launched to market successfully ,which series of 5 mm radial leaded varistor devices for protects against overvoltage transients such as lightning, power contact and power induction.
Varistor Voltages: 18 V- 680 V
Maximum Allowable Voltage(ACrms): 11 V- 420 V
Nominal Varistor Voltage: 101K- 681K
Standard Size: 8x11mm
Operating temperature range: -40℃~+105℃
Full compliance with RoHS and REACH
If you have intention to place an order, please hurry to contact with us! please do not hesitate to send your inquiries to us by

Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) is the most commonly used type of varistor. It is called so as the component is made from a mixture of zinc oxide and other metal oxides like cobalt, manganese and so on. When electrical current rises to a certain point, called the breakover point or breakover voltage, the tiny zinc oxide particles begin conducting the current among themselves only. This prevents the high-voltage current from passing into the rest of the surge protector or the devices plugged into it.
Kingtronics traditional radial through-hole metal oxide varistor devices are available in diameters of 5mm(XKT5D), 7mm(XKT7D), 10mm(XKT10D), 14mm(XKT14D)and 20mm(XKT20D).And it offers a choice of wide operating voltage from 18V to 1800V, operating temperature range -40℃~+105℃ and full compliance with RoSH and REACH.
The devices have high current handling, high energy absorption capability and fast response times to protect against transient faults up to rated limits. They are fit for providing voltage surge protection for a wide variety of applications, including the consumer electronics, industrial electronics ,communication electronics, measuring and controlling systems electronic home appliances. We are always looking for better solutions for our customers to face the severe market environment and fierce market.


Ever wondered how England got its name? As with countless other countries, it's all down to a tribe of early settlers (in this case the 5th Century Angles).

In fact, almost every country in the world is named after one of four things: 1) a tribe; 2) a feature of the land; 3) a directional description; or 4) an important person. That's according to Quartz, which analysed 195 countries listed in the Oxford Concise Dictionary of World Place-Names.

1> Tribe names

England is in good company with the lion’s share (about a third) of the world’s countries named after an early tribe or ethnic group.

FRANCE – Named after the Franks, who conquered the land in the Medieval ages.

VIETNAM – Named after the Viets of the South.

AFGHANISTAN – Translates to "Afghan-land; place of the Afghans”.

THAILAND – Relates to the “tai” people, an ethnic group from the central plains region.

RUSSIA – From the Medieval Latin term “Russi”, which denoted the people of the land.

2> Important people

SAINT LUCIA – This Caribbean island was named by the French in 1625 after the Catholic Saint Lucy, who was widely worshipped during the Middle Ages.

COLOMBIA – Named after famed explorer Christopher Columbus, who incidentally never even set foot in the country. It was in fact discovered by his companion Alonso de Ojeda in 1499, but was eventually named after Columbus anyway.

PHILIPPINES – Named by Spanish explorer Ruy López de Villalobos, in honor of King Philip II of Spain in 1542.

SAUDI ARABIA – After esteemed warrior and aristocrat Emir Muhammad bin Saud, who is considered the founder of the First Saudi State in 1744.

SEYCHELLES – In 1976, this beautiful chain of islands in the Indian Ocean gained independence from the UK but before that it was controlled by France and was named after French minister of finance Jean Moreau de Sechelles in the 1700s.

EL SAVADOR – This tiny country in Central America takes its name from Jesus and translates to "The Saviour". It was named by Spanish conqueror Pedro de Alvarado in the 1500s.

3> Land features

ICELAND – This moniker translates to "Land of Ice", perhaps for obvious reasons, from the ancient language of Old Norse, and is said to have been named by Norwegian Viking Hrafna-Flóki Vilgerðarson in 856 AD. This ignores Iceland’s plentiful green landscape, however, and many theorise that Iceland was named as such to dissuade potential settlers from invading what would have sounded like a cold, hostile environment.

HAITI – This Caribbean country’s name translates to "mountainous land" in its indigenous Taíno language. It was colonised by Spain in 1492 and originally named “La Española”, but was later renamed “Haiti” in 1804 by former slave and revolutionary Jean-Jacques Dessalines, who declared himself emperor and took back the land.

BARBADOS – This name translates to ‘the bearded’ in Portuguese, which is thought to be due to the long hanging roots of the fig trees that were noticed and marvelled at by colonizers in the late 16th Century.

UKRAINE – Ukraine was labelled as such during the 12th Century and translates to “near the border” in Old Slavic. Essentially it was used to define an area of territory within what was then the East Slavic state of Kievan Rus.

4> Location

AUSTRALIA – First coined by the Ancient Greeks, Australia translates to “Unknown Southern Land”, but was officially declared by this name in the early 1800s by English cartographer Matthew Flinders.

NORWAY – Conversely, this country traces its name to the Old English term for “northern way”, first mentioned in 880 by the Anglo-Saxons.

JAPAN – Nippon, which is the name commonly used by Japanese natives, means “land of the rising sun”, referring to its geographical location of being east of China.

There do exist a smattering of countries in the world which stepped outside the box with their naming criteria - around 20 of them. While some are disputed or their exact origins unclear, here is a handful of the most quirky and imaginative...

Bhutan, which calls itself Druk Yul, means "land of the thunder dragon" on account of the magnificent storms that tear through the Himalaya Mountains.

There are several theories as to the origin of Nepal's name, one of which makes reference to Kathmandu's sheep-rearing history, given that in Tibetan, "ne" means "home" and "pal" means "wool" - ergo "the home of wool"

Nauru, one of the world's most remote islands and the smallest state in the South Pacific, might take its name from the native term "anáoero" - which rather charmingly means, "I go to the beach".

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Aluminum Elec. Capacitors   
MLCC & Tantalum Capacitors
Bridge Rectifiers
Diodes & Transistors
Trimming Potentiometers

Marking : Trademark Kt

Package : DB, DBS, MBS

Packing : Tube, 50pcs/Tube, 100pcs/Tube

Application : Mainly used in various types of power supplies, induction cooker, lighting, chargers; various types of consumer electrical control panel; lighting appliances and motorcycles; automotive electronics, industrial instrumentation, test instruments.

Below is Kingtroncis Best Seller Glass Passivated Bridge Rectifiers List:
Single Phase 1.0 AMPS. Glass Passivated Bridge Rectifiers DB101-DB107 
Single Phase 1.0 AMPS. Glass Passivated Bridge Rectifiers DB101S-DB107S
Single Phase 0.8 AMPS. Glass Passivated Bridge Rectifiers MB2S-MB10S

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Kingtronics International Company was established in 1995 located in Dongguan City of China to handle all sales & marketing for factories located in Chengdu, Sichuan and Zhaoqing, Guangdong, China. In 1990, we established the first factory to produce trimming potentiometer and in 1999 we built up new factory in Zhao Qing, Guangdong. Now with around 850 workers, Kingtronics produce trimming potentiometers, dipped tantalum capacitors, multilayer ceramic capacitors, and diode & bridge rectifier. We sell good quality under our brand Kingtronics, and Kt, King, Kingtronics are our three trademarks. All our products are RoHS compliant, and our bridge rectifier have UL approval. Please visit our Products page, you could please download all our PDF datasheet and find cross reference for our Trimming Potentiometer and capacitors.

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